Which Laser System Should I Buy?

A guide to finding the right laser for your business




Which Laser System Should I Buy?

Choosing the right laser engraving system will help you enjoy higher quality markings on many different materials. Modern laser systems are designed to be compact, highly efficient, and abrasive-resistant when cutting through substrates.

However, you may be asking yourself the million dollar question- which laser system should I buy? While there are many options in the market, selecting the right laser for your engraving applications will be key to success. Any laser system you choose should be capable of carrying out precise engravings, reproducible patterns, and permanent markings.

Luckily, our line of FiberCube Laser Engraving Systems is designed for both small and large businesses. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a large commercial company, our FiberCube Laser Systems produce non-contact, permanent, and abrasive-resistant markings for many different applications.

Lasers for home and small business use

If you’re looking for a simple, compact, yet powerful laser system for both domestic and small business use, our FiberCube 3801 Laser Series is a useful option to consider. This machine is easy to set up, doesn’t consume lots of power, and yet is capable of slicing through many different materials. You can use it on thin film polymers, jewelry, biosensors, and much more.

What makes our FiberCube Laser 3801 System so popular is its controllable pulse rate. This pulse rate system works from a continuous to a single pulse. Therefore, it can be used to achieve deep laser engravings and complex markings. Not only can you engrave flat surfaces, but you can also apply markings on a rotating surface along a circumference.

The FiberCube Laser 3801 machine also comes with an interactive and easy to use operating software to help you map out coordinates on metal, plastics, polymers, and much more.  

Lasers for SMEs

If you already have experience with laser engraving and you wish to scale up your production, then try our FiberCube Laser 3803 System. Robust, fast and powerful, this machine is capable of deep, reliable, and fast cuts on your substrates. The variable pulse rates provided by this FiberCube Laser are also capable of achieving markings of up to 200 characters per second.

Knowing when to scale up your laser engraving capacity is key to product quality and business success. Luckily, the 3803 Laser is an excellent upgrade from beginner machines without causing a significant dent in your wallet.

With a machine of almost the same size and power consumption, you can increase your capacity, quality, and customization when marking and engraving substrates.

Lasers for industrial applications

Need a workhorse for heavy-duty production? The FiberCube XL 3803 Laser System is the one for you. This powerful machine packs lots of punch within a small frame. It produces powerful, non-contact, controllable pulse rates that don’t cause abrasion on your substrates. And because the engravings can be achieved on a wide variety of materials, you’ll still enjoy speed, flexibility, and reliability during the marking process.

Industrial applications also need a high level of accuracy and reproducibility. The FiberCube XL 3803 Laser System can be programmed to operate on multiple shapes, coordinates, and materials. With proper setup, you can produce in large quantities without noticing any variability with each engraving. And because the machine also uses a visible, pilot laser with a red beam, positioning each piece for engraving will be quick and convenient.

If you’re looking to answer the question “which laser system should I buy?” Start off by considering your specific needs and applications. Our line of quality, compact, and dependable FiberCube Laser Systems will help you meet your marking and engraving needs. Contact us today to learn more about our FiberCube Laser Systems.

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