MUST SEE! – FREE Living Hinge Generator

Living hinges are used to create flexible and bendable parts in laser cutting. They work by removing enough material to make a design flexible and bend without breaking. It’s tricky because if you remove too much material it will break. Not enough and it won’t bend. But once you get the right balance you can create some amazing laser cut projects.

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Living hinges can be used in all sorts of designs. Boxes, earrings, lamps shades, stands, are just a few examples. These projects typically use living hinges in the shape of a rectangle to make the hinge. But what if you want to make something more complex? 


This is where Stepa, reddit user St_Drunkscomes in. They created a living hinge generator to make the process of incorporating living hinges easier! Using an algorithm, Stepa made a generator to create complex shapes such as living hinge loops. 

Here’s some examples of what Stepa made with the generator. 

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