Mini canvas with Deco elephant

 Greetings! This is Sneha with a new post for GSL cut design team. And today I am here with a mini canvas  imitating one of the finest memories of my childhood. During the summers of late primary school, I used love watching an old Indian  movie from my parents age which showed love and empathy towards animals. This movies was a real oldie but left an enduring impression on me. This weekend I was recollecting the memories of it and thought of portraying my sentiments on canvas. 

Have a look….

Since the theme of the canvas is based on a movie, I have used a movie strip chipboard.  I have also used elephant chipboard as the center point as It  symbolizes staying calm and yet standing  strong in every situation of life, which was the epilogue of the movie too. You will also observe that this canvas has a fancy fairy tale kind of a look with bright colors with lots of metallic gold accompanied by few big and bold blings here and there.

So the process of making of it is very simple and easy to follow in the form of picture tutorial…. And this time I am playing with mould pieces only as other elements.

The links to the products used from GSLCut store are provided towards the end of the post, please do click the link to find them on the store website.

This is a 6 × 6 mini flat canvas and as usual I have prepared the canvas by adding a generous coating of gesso and dried it with heat.  Since I like working with canvas most of the time I like to prepare them ahead of any project as it makes my life easy. They come in handy when you are in a rush to make any project. So in the next picture tutorial you will see the next step of the process.

In this one I have added a modelling paste via Stencil. Instead of adding modeling paste here and there, I have added paste on one diagonal side of canvas…. Just to try something different this time…

And then added some home made rough texture paste on some parts of the other half other diagonal. And started splashing colors of my choices. Here I have used some Yellow and Gold rush colors.

Then I added some texture paste again using messy script Stencil on the middle  areas of the diagonal and before the texture paste dry I added some rusty gold or vintage gold embossing powder over it and using heat dry tool embossed the entire powder sprinkled over the scripted portion.

 Since I was sitting near the blow fan ( as it too hot here in Massachusetts now), the embossing powder was all over the extra areas too but I left it like that a little messy. And I suggest you can leave this kind of messy situations in your projects sometimes  because you  won’t be able to make a difference once the layout is completed. Rather it will  enhance the overall look of the project😊

Further I added some stamps here and there. I have used very old stamps from Inkadinkado, SORRY I don’t have info about this one because it’s very old bought and no info on the product.

Now I started preparing my elements. I applied gesso on the chipboards and the pre-made mould pieces. Thereafter I sprayed colors on some mould pieces and added embossing powder too,  some and I left some with white base. Afterwards I rubbed some waxes here and there on both chipboards and mould pieces.


In mean while I changed colors of the wings mould peices by redoing it with gesso and rubbing again with waxes.

And I also added a lot of teal color and teal embossing powder on the film strip chipboard.

Finally after preparing the elements I started assembling them together using matte gel medium and let them dry completely before handling them further.


 And after achieving the layout to my satisfaction I added some big and small blings to complete the look of the areas which look dead ended. And also added some rush gold color in the background to complete the flow of the layout.

So here is the picture of the complete canvas.  And to say the deco elephant chipboard from GSL cut is  heart stealer….I love it so much….

The chipboards from GSL cut are super easy to work with and are details are very fine and amazing…. you can use colors on them or add waxes or embosse them, use any thing on them they always come out winner….love them… 

The products that I have used from GSL cut  store are:

The other products used are

6×6 mini flat canvas bought from local craft store

Lindys sprays, magicals and shakers

Little birdie spray 

Prima marketing moulds

Little birdie waxes


Stencils bought from amazon.


Texture paste 

Modeling paste 


I hope you all like it and feel inspired to share some of the finest memory of your chilhood..

Thank you all!

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