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Its hard to believe it is 2019.  For those just joining this blog, welcome.  For those who continue to come back we hope you continue to find our posts interesting, and informative.  First we want to say we are sorry for not posting as often here recently.  This past Christmas season had us working crazy hours to get out our orders out and our Blog Posts were lacking.

To start off 2019 we wanted to post some pictures of a project that we are very proud of here at MBJD Laser.  We got the opportunity to work with a local aircraft manufacturing company in Wichita, Kansas to get a customer a specialized / custom logo on the headrests in their brand new airplane.  In order to respect privacy of the final customer we can not reveal the name of the customer or kind of jet but  we hope you can get a feel for the nature of the project in the photos.

From start to finish this took our shop about 3 months to get through.  We were lucky enough to work and talk with some of the best sales reps and engineers and that was all in itself an amazing experience.  The correspondence and organization was top notch.   

What made this project a real challenge was we laser engraved the headrests after they were built.  As  you can imaging lining them up just perfect and getting a consistent look was our utmost concern.  This was not a job where the word “oopsies” would be acceptable.   Engineers ended up building a jig to help insure that the headrests would be placed in our machines just perfect each time which was a huge huge help.

One of the main reasons I wanted to show this post was to encourage other shops out there to shoot for the moon.  Don’t limit yourself to the daily hum ho projects.  Branch out, try something new, stretch your capabilities a little bit. Who knows it might turn into something really cool!!

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