Laser Cut Design Laboratory: A dash of Minimal chic: On outfits, exhibitions & invitations

Oh, the smell of the in-between of a jewellery collection finish and an official presentation: can you recall, the scent of the creative force, the importance of the packaging and display, the chit-chats with the customers, friends, acquaintances? 

Every collection we create is backed up by a professionally custom made event-presentation. Since we consider our jewellery collections to be precisely in the art business  we always celebrate a new collection with an exhibition format display. Minimal interiors, jewellery as an oufit-object, a dash of delicately handmade wardrobes, drinks, petite food, invitations. We like to think of exhibitions in terms of atmospheres and rituals creation. That approach is what I believe makes the whole event true to the creation. 

In this post I decided to share with you a little on our secret to-do lists when we are preparing an event to showcase our new jewellery. These tips assemble what I like to call the Manifesto of the Minimal Chic event planner, including the 4 crucial aspects: The Interior, The Outfit, The handmade drinks and The Invitations.

featuring Kate Spade cards design for Paperless post 

1. The interior-Creating the Atmosphere 

The Interior serves as your spatial geography, it creates the whole atmosphere of the event, collection, beginning of the story. First of all think simple, you don’t want the interior itself to dominate the display of the exhibition. Second, think of places alternatives, not just the regular exhibition spaces, but rather contextually. Pop up installations can allow you to develop a concept in a context. Or in the words of the great architect Peter Zumthor: 

Every time I imagine a garden in an architectural setting, it turns into a magical place. I think of gardens I have seen, that I believe I have seen, that I long to see, surrounded by simple walls, columns, arcades or the facades of buildings – sheltered places of great intimacy where I want to stay for a long time.”

2. The Invitations that sound like Handmade 

When it comes to paper, I am completely old-fashioned. I like to read my books in hard copy, to go through my magazines page by page, to receive invitations that I can feel, which still communicate in a magical, nostalgic and yet modern language. Yes, that may surprise you as I am known as the laser-cut diva, however I prefer handmade to digital. It has been a personal quest of mine to find the option to choose between paper and digital-that feels like handmade, like paper. And I have the perfect place for you on this topic, it is called Paperless Post. Their exquisite, simple and beautiful card design solutions offer you a feeling of handmade, providing you the opportunity to create a card for your clients, friends, acquaintances, family and give them that warm feeling that a design was made especially for them. They have perfect solutions to give an introduction to the atmosphere of your event and even resurrect the ritual of the invitation-giving. Offering wonderful possibilities for customisation in most of their design you can choose your preference between chocolate and vanila that is digital or paper. 

featuring Cards for Party and Entertaining 

3. The handmade drinks

Lemonade, home made fruit liquor, natural sirup, half-sorbets- conceptualising the drink-desert-petite menu is also a story by itself. In this direction I like to think of hand made, natural, organic and colour coded drinks. And of course the appropriate glasses. No plastic. No unsuitable forms for the appropriate drink. Research and experimentation before are warmly recommended since the drink can also become an important ritual of the event (be careful not to over do it, it should compliment and not take over). Check the link for my personal favourites :

4. Wearing jewellery as an outfit 

While I am always taking time to assemble my looks for the exhibition opening from shoes, dress, mood, perfume, I always remain true to the jewellery piece I have chosen to wear. In a way it dictates everything else that will accompany it. In this sense I like to choose the most bold, radical and curious pieces of the collection. These intricate jewellery pieces  display a distinguishable narrative creating powerful multilayered impressions and possibilities to communicate the context of new cartographies and atmospheres. 

Would you like to share with us some of your approaches, atmospheres and rituals when preparing for an event ? 

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