Laser-Cut Christmas Cake Toppers With Unique Designs

laser-cut Christmas cake toppers

Pleasant Designs for Laser-Cut Christmas Cake Toppers

We have a wide selection of Christmas cake toppers. And we continuously create new unique designs. It’s, therefore, easy to find one that will please your customers. It’s possible not to get that eye-catching topper from our designs. Don’t worry! If you have yours, we can still cut it for you. That way, you will have a unique design to make you stand out from the crowd.

What’s the Size of the Christmas Cake Toppers?

Our standard width for cake toppers is 14 to 15 cm (about 5.9 inches). The height is always proportional to the width for the topper doesn’t get stretched. This cake size is ideal for cakes of 9 inches which most of our clients make. However, if you need something bigger or smaller, we are always flexible to adjust according to your needs.

From Which Materials Do We Make the Toppers?

Usually, most customers prefer glitter paper cake toppers because they’re more affordable. Secondly, glitter paper has a pleasant finish that looks attractive to everyone. If you have the budget, you can use wood, mounting board, and plastic materials, which are sturdier than paper.

What Is the Cost of a Laser-Cut Christmas Cake Topper?

The cost of each Christmas cake topper depends mainly on the material. The number of toppers you make is another cost-deciding factor. As already said, paper toppers are the cheapest. Find below the current cake topper prices. Just click/tap on the material you want to view the details.

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