Consider the Benefits of Laser Welding in the Industrial Market


Laser Welding is the preferred technology in many industries


Because of the versatility and dependability of lasers, their use in industrial markets has become indispensable. The benefits of laser welding in the industrial market include everything from reduced labor and maintenance costs, to increased production. And because LaserStar systems are available in many sizes and configurations, they can be integrated into your work environment quickly.



Reduced Costs

Lasers are inexpensive, and require very little maintenance. This reduces your company overhead and shows a fast return on the investment. Whether you have a small company and limited space for new equipment, or represent a multinational corporation, LaserStar offers a variety of laser welders to choose from and years of market experience to help you achieve the perfect configuration. We can even work directly with your company to develop unique applications.


Another one of the benefits of laser welding in the industrial market is their speed, translating into more units produced using less human intervention. In situations where time is a critical factor, the speed and flexibility of LaserStar products may be two of the most important benefits of laser welding in the industrial market to date. And because laser welding affect a very small area, there is no cooldown period required before the welded unit can be handled.


Laser welders affect a very small portion of the unit being welded. This allows the manual operator to hold the part without worrying about heat or obstructions. Able to make welds as small as .002 inches (.05 mm), laser welders provide a degree of accuracy that is not possible with other types of welding.


The most useful benefits of laser welding in the industrial market may be the versatility of laser welders. LaserStar offers a full line of MotionFX multi-axis motion and positioning devices to assist users when welding complex assemblies. Systems can be configured for single welds or used to create multiple welds with up to a 360 degree radius. Manual welders are great for use in situations where there is a certain degree of variability, or automated to create perfect welds on a unit without changing settings or handling the parts.

Laser welding is ideal for a huge array of industrial applications, from micro welding to working with heat-sensitive parts. Dental and medical industries, for example, rely on the precision of micro welding, and factories can increase production with more dependable welds that take place in a fraction of the time of non-laser systems. No matter which benefits of laser welding in the industrial market appeal to your company, LaserStar has the products and experience to get your up and running without a long learning curve.

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