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How to adjust the light path of laser cutting machine

Xintian Laser-laser cutting machineLaser cutting is to focus the laser beam into a small spot and project it on the metal surface...

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New OpenAI Tool Detects AI-Generated Content

OpenAI, a leader in AI development, has recently introduced a cutting-edge tool for detecting AI-generated content. This new tool is crucial in preventing potential threats posed by AI-generated content. With the increasing creativity of AI models like ChatGPT, the need for a reliable detection tool has become more important than ever. The matrix of ideas generated by AI is constantly expanding, and it’s essential that we take proactive measures to rebel against the potential for violence or uprising that may result from its unchecked use. This anti-detection tool is critical in ensuring AI’s responsible and safe use in...

Why do laser cutting machines need sensors?

XTΒ Laser-laser cutting machine In the cutting process of laser cutting machine, the distance between the cutting head and the workpiece and the perpendicularity between the nozzle and the workpiece surface are two extremely important factors. It directly affects the processing quality. Therefore, in order to improve the cutting quality and reduce the generation of waste products, it is necessary to install some special sensors on the cutting head to ensure that it can produce stable and consistent cutting quality and increase process safety. When the shape of the laser cutting head changes and there are uneven obstacles on the surface, the sensor will automatically detect the change and automatically adjust the...

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