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What is a medium power laser cutting machine?

XT Laser Medium Power Laser Cutting Machine What is a medium power laser...

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How to choose a laser cutting machine?

In recent years, laser cutting technology has been increasingly widely used in processing industries such as sheet metal and handicrafts, whether in the field of metal cutting or non-metallic cutting. The technology of laser cutting machines has become quite mature and has a large market share in the cutting industry. However, many users still have various questions about how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine, Below, the manufacturer of medium and low power laser equipment, XT, will introduce to you how to choose a laser cutting machine correctly, which can be considered from the following aspects: 1. The range of materials and business requirements processed by the enterprise Firstly, we need...

What to do with laser cutting machine edge burning

The XT laser cutting machine is cutting carbon steel plates The laser cutting machine is a common laser equipment used to cut metal materials. Since the laser cutting process belongs to the non-contact hot working industry, the residue generated during cutting is mainly blown away by gas. In the process of daily use of the laser cutting machine, when we check the surface of the workpiece, we will find that the surface of the workpiece cut by the laser cutting machine is scorched, which is called edge burning, How should we respond when these situations arise? Don’t worry, the manufacturer of XT Laser medium and low power laser cutting machines is here to educate everyone...

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